Handmade, richly-scented candles and bath & body products from “A Different Light” are an excellent, proven way to raise money for your group or organization. You no longer need to settle for a mere 50-cent profit on a candy bar ~ You can earn several dollars per item selling our handmade products. Our fundraisers allow you to sell a reputable and high-quality product at retail value: We offer incredible discounts to organizations and do not require payment to qualified groups for 30 days AFTER you receive your order…That means No Money out of Pocket for You!


You help two great organizations at once. You see, using “A Different Light” fundraiser not only raises money for your organization, it also maintains jobs for persons with disabilities who would otherwise be unemployed. The people you approach to help buy your fundraiser products will appreciate the opportunity to help your group raise money while helping adults with physical and intellectual challenges help themselves.


For additional information contact us today! Send an e-mail to or call us at (260) 824-1395.


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