Founded in December of 1997, “A Different Light” richly-scented, handmade products is the newest division
of Bi-County Services, Inc.


Bi-County Services, Inc. is a not-for-profit agency established in 1955 and originally known as The Vera Cruz Opportunity School. In 1968 the Association of Retarded Citizens of Adams and Wells counties (of Indiana) was formed as a joint program for both counties. When a new facility was constructed in 1989 to headquarter the expanding program areas, the organization’s name was changed yet again from ARC to Bi-County Services, Inc.


Our name describes us well, as we provide a variety of services to persons with disabilities in our two-county area

and beyond. Services provided include (but are certainly

not limited to): early intervention services, sub-contract

work services, wood products and workshop division,

supported employment, group homes, and community

living services.

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